Shards Of Frozen Time

Songs Of Love And Leaving

 Is It Any Wonder

*Nothing More To Leaving

Dancing On A Wire

*Rising Tide

Old Enough

*If It Can't Be For Always

*Give Me Time

The Lady Is Ours (But The Lady Is Free)

I Ran Into An Old Friend

*It Ain't No Crime

*Lady, How I Loved You

*I'm Your Man

*For Tomorrow

*Save Your Pretty Music

If He Will Not Let You See Me

Are We?


*Reason To Stay

*If Only She Was There

*Where Did It End?

*Time Enough To Leave You

Oh, Lover, Would You Stay By Me?

The Only Time We're Close

*Try And Watch A Father

*Dream A Life Without Me

For Whitney

*Can't We Make A Memory Tonight?

*You're A Friend Of Mine

*On The Other Side Of A Dream


I Don't Expect Nothing From You

Clean Slate

*Magic Sister

You Were Never That Hard To Get

*If I Knew


*The Only Thing That Lasts Me Long Is Years

The Phantom Lover

Song For Paul
All The Time

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