Dark Litanies:

The Songs Of Another Cycle


The Dance

*Drink The Wave

Wizard Wind


The Wheel Of Change

In The Heart Of The Heartless City


The Lighter Side Of Darkness

The Lighter Side Of Darkness I

The Lighter Side Of Darkness II

The Heart Of The Jester

The Lament Of The Sorceror

Requiescat Exeunt Pace

The Mark Of The Beast

The Creed


The Necklace



The Raising Of The Demon

The Song Of The Pirate King 1

The Heart Of Darkness

A Vision Past Our Knowing

The Fountain Of Confusion

We Hold These Truths


The Eyes Of Dream

The Eyes Of Dream

A Matter Of Choice


If You'd Like To Fly With Me

Marly's Box

Requiem 2


*I Can't Help Hoping

Keep The Dream Alive

Set Me Free

A Moment Out Of Time

Cast Thy Just Regard Upon Us

Secrets Of The Dark

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All Selections Copyright D. Robinson except

  1. G. Gnahb/D. Robinson
  2. D. Robinson/R. Suttcliffe