If you think of yourself as a soldier,

You live in a world of strife.

Think of yourself as a poet or a lover instead.

It doesnít have to be true.

Think of yourself as a good friend.

What could it hurt?

Life is an endless journey of becoming.


As children, we loved to dress up

In our parents clothes

And play at being grown-ups.

The clothes did not fit us.

We might have looked ridiculous,

But we knew the Magic would work

If only we all believed.

We knew the spell would be broken

If we spoke of it to profane ears.

But we believed and we kept our peace

And, sure enough, we grew up.


...an endless journey of becoming...


Whenever you make a choice, you take a step.

If you go far enough, You arrive at a decision

And become more perfectly yourself.


In our decisive moments we are always alone.

Do not look for someone else to blame.


If you do not perfect yourself

You will not be perfected.

Itís all a matter of choice.


The possibilities are endless.

But I tell you that your future

Will be constrained by your past

And shaped by your vision

And your dreams.


Myths are only Truths in fancy dress,

But Character really is Destiny.


If you would look upon the faces

Of your three Fates,

Take a good look at yourself.


The future is veiled,

but we can see glimpses

In the mirror.


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