Once a man named Abernathy

Stood accused of psychopathy.

"Please, your honor, please let me go

And arrest my alter ego."

The judge said "I can see your point.

Let's put the bastard in the joint.

And I'll see you again, I'm sure,

If ever he gets out of stir."


Abernathy, mad as Hell,

Says it's too crowded in his cell.

A state which some consider scary,

Seeing he's in solitary.

Far into each shattered night

The Abernathys fuss and fight.

They never win, which gives them blues,

But then again, they never lose.


Abernathy cried out loud,

"I'm just a face among the crowd."

The crowd, that's right, that's what he said.

The crowd that lives inside his head.

No more trouble making choices.

Now, he just obeys the voices.

Maybe it is just as well,

But no one but the Void can tell.


Now, he's due to be released.

His frenzy only seems increased.

Abernathy waits to see

What Abernathy schemes with glee.

None of what's inside him shows.

The Beast within, that grows and grows.

The truth, if Abernathy knew,

Would frighten him as much as you.

Hollow Man

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