Come On, Honey

Don't be sitting there sad and blue,

Feeling empty and friendless.

I've been feeling the same way, too.

Don't it seem to be endless.


So, come on, honey, jump in your car.

Drive right over and make it.

Don't be thinking we've gone too far.

There's still further to take it.


I've been thinking about you.

I've been hoping you'd call.

Seems like living without you

Ain't like living at all.

You've been dreaming my daydreams.

I've been wearing your smile.

Let's don't get in a tizzy.

Let's just get in a pile.


So, come on, honey, jump into your car.

Grab the wheel of your Caddy.

Don't hang out in no low rent bar.

Come on out and see daddy.

Rock Softly

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