It's not easy growing older

But it sure beats being dead.

There's no point in getting bitter.

That just messes with your head.

Though it's hard to understand

It's even harder not to know

If your path will take you down

Or let you grow.


Life no longer seems unending

And it isn't black and white.

I'm alone and need befriending.

I'm not sure just what is right.

Go ahead and clutch at shadows.

Greet the void with open arms,

But you won't find your salvation

In your dreams and good luck charms.


You are running out of time.

You are running into trouble.

Time has taken all your dreams

And it's turned them into rubble.

Your composure starts to slip.

Don't you know your slip is showing?

Have you finally lost your grip?

Have you any way of knowing?


You are taking me for granted,

For a fool, or for a ride.

When you're reaping what you planted

You'll be sorry that you tried.

If they called in all your markers

And nobody gave you credit,

Then you'd have to eat these words

And you'd be sorry that you said it.

Feeling Fine

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