About The Author

I am David E. Robinson, a Gemini with Scorpio Rising, Sagittarius Moon. I was born 28MAY45 in San Antonio, Texas to Officer Candidate Morris Robinson, Attorney, then in the Army Air Corps, and Shirley Helen Robinson, English teacher and wife.  I was an $8 baby, not cheap, but certainly reasonable, and my birth certificate says I was legitimate.

I grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut, three miles from Long Island Sound. My favorite thing to do as a child was playing in the swamp, and I have steadily resisted all civilizing influences since then, the first such being seven years of piano lessons starting at age 4 1/2. I was a senior Quality/Reliability Engineer for Teledyne Technologies' Marina del Rey facility in Los Angeles, CA. until irreconcilable differences caused me to perform physician assisted professional suicide shortly after the Millenium.  I have two children, a son, Jeremy, and a daughter, Whitney.  My music resists categorization, but I refer to the genre as "Urban Jewish Folk Rock".

At different stages of my life, I have Managed Car Washes, been a professional Astrologer, the Priest in a tribe of hippies, an itinerant musician, done R&D in Solar Controls and instrumentation, worked as a service representative for Cal Stereo, and as a QC Maintenance Technician, Technical Writer, Quality Engineer and Reliability Engineer. My father is a Past President of the League for the Junior Blind. He taught me to know right from wrong. My older brother is Sifu Peter Robinson, first non-Oriental Master in his branch of Kung Fu. He assisted him. I have a letter from Dr. Harvey Ager, psychiatrist, dated August 1970, in which he states: The prognosis is fair for continued socially acceptable behavior.

It is my intention to add some audio to this website as soon as I pick up the MP3 technology. In the interim, selections for which I have music will be indicated by an asterisk (*) beside the title.

 About Dark Litanies

Dark Litanies is a long term project, originally started when I was studying Music Theory with  Bob Klimes at LA Valley College in 1970. I had begun to co-write songs with Bob, and he was taken with the concept of the Master Magician in "The Dance" and proposed that we create a myth cycle, which he would set to music. There would be certain key signatures, characteristic riffs, etc. for each of the characters, with a particularly dissonant one reserved for the Master.

I lost touch with Bob over the years, but the Litanies took on a life of their own, and refused to let go of me until I finished them. Bob did not agree with Dr. Ager, but he found me extremely amusing. I used to give him astrological forecasts predicting days when his wife Gale would run amok. She referred to me as "That Peeping Astrologer".&nbspBob and Gale had a ranch in Agoura called "Strawberry Fields", at which I once attempted to break a horse while wearing tennis shoes. The horse remained unbroken, but I did not.

About "TIKAL"

Tikal is a 50 square mile city of stone ruins in the rain forest in Guatemala. Built by the Maya during their heyday in about 300 A.D. It was apparently the largest of the Classic Period Maya cities, with roughly 3,000 major structures. Tezcatlipoca was worshipped by the Jaguar Cult as the "Dark Lord of the North", also known as "Smoking Mirror". The pyramid below is the Temple of the Giant Jaguar in Tikal. Whitney climbed it when we were there, but she also did a back flip off a 250ft. tall bungee jump in Cancun.


The Glyph in the above graphic is in Glide, a visual language created by Diana Reed Slattery.  A rough English equivalent would be Wizard. Ms. Slattery also created the graphics used as backgrounds in the introductory files of Dark Litanies and Shards of Frozen Time. The glyph in the graphic on the front page of this site is also in Glide, and translates as Sage. The graphic is called Brujo, and depicts the author walking from a temple in Tikal through the glyph to a copy of it in a swamp on the Yucutan peninsula. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! You may, however, click on the Wizard glyph in the graphic above to travel to the same glyph at the Glide website.  Or, if you are interested in more material about the Glide language as I understand it and some uses of the glyphs graphically, with explanatory notes and a glossary of the glyphs, click here

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